How does unhealthy eating affect your body? It has both short-term and long-term effects on the body. In short term unhealthy eating can contribute to more stress. Mood swings can even be caused by poor nutrition, and that’s both short term and long. Poor eating habits include not having enough of the right foods, under eating, over eating and consuming too much junk food.

While occasional junk food won’t hurt a habit can be. Eating too much junk has effects like headache, acne, heart disease/stroke, depression, my blood pressure and high cholesterol. This is just to name a few try replacing your snacks out for cheese, yogurt, nuts and fruits. Under eating means that person is consuming fewer calories than their body needs to function properly. Some symptoms of a under eating includes fatigue, hair loss, reproductive difficulties, getting sick more often, constantly feeling cold, depression and more.

Over eating causes the stomach to expand beyond normal size. This makes the person feel uncomfortable in the form of tiredness, sluggish, and drowsiness. Your organs have to work harder if you over eat which is unhealthy, it’s important to try to find a well balanced diet that works for you. There is nothing good that comes to your health from unhealthy eating.